Wedding stories


TEJU and RAVI were introduced to each other by their families and developed a liking for each other almost instantly. Soon technology played cupid too and they found themselves glued to the phone, conversing, sharing and laughing for hours on end. A couple of brief meetings and pleasant dates proved to be the icing on the cake for this couple who had by now started falling for each other. The sweet culmination of all of this convinced them that they had found a true soulmate in each other!

They shared innumerable special moments with each other for them to realise that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Add to this journey, the entire lockdown period which truly ended up cementing their relationship. As Aswini recounts, The lockdown restricted us to meet each other. That craving to meet ended up in beautiful moments which were inexplicable

27th December 2020 marked the date of the union of two souls to walk on the path of love forever.