Wedding stories


The best part of their wedding tale is the proposal. Unlike the cliche start of their love story, their proposal story is hands down unique. Vijay played a secret trick, he changed his name on Sindhura's cellphone to “Will You Marry Me”. Yes, this indeed is so romantic and we are sure you are excited to know what happened next. He called Sindhura and she got confused looking at the name that popped on the screen. She turned to Vijay and told him that see somebody named “will you marry me” is calling on my phone. That was the cue to Vijay, he pulled out the ring and proposed to her like a true gentleman. Of course, she said Yes, and then we got to witness their beautiful Indian wedding celebration. Don’t you also agree that this was one of the best proposals we have ever known about?.

29th October 2020 marked the date of the union of two souls to walk on the path of love forever.